About C&H



Churchill & Harriman (C&H) was founded in 1986 by Ken Peterson as a strategic IT staffing firm. Our value proposition then was to take every measure to ensure a “win – win” resultant outcome between a prospective employer and a prospective employee. Our demonstrated success led to the establishment of a multitude of relationships with outstanding organizations and individuals.

Beginning in 1991, C&H was invited to perform consulting services for our satisfied customers. Since 1997, we have evolved into a global risk management consultancy business that has allowed us to serve a broad range of clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. federal government agencies, industry governing bodies and industry-wide associations.

Today we are privileged to serve many of the world’s most respected organizations and practitioners as a trusted advisor, developing and implementing enterprise-wide risk management solutions and supply chain risk management solutions. C&H helps clients select and implement controls and processes that identify, measure, and manage business risk. We ask all of our clients a critical question: “how are you measured?” Then we seek to do all that is rightfully possible to contribute to the achievement of our client’s performance objectives through the discharge of our duties.

Certain risk management results C&H has contributed to are known at the highest levels of the U.S. Federal Government to be best practices. Additionally, C&H has been entrusted to help protect and enable several firms whose infrastructure have been formally designated as “Critical Infrastructure” by the U.S. Federal Government. C&H is an active leader in the international standards community, and C&H earned the distinction of being the first approved ISO 27001 and BS 25999 Associate Consultancy by a leading global Registrar. Additionally, Churchill & Harriman is an Assessment Firm member of the Shared Assessments Program. We perform public outreach to raise awareness of third party risk, and contribute to the Program’s Working Groups and Technical Development Committees. C&H was an original Leadership Team Member of the PhRMA-sponsored SAFE-BioPharma Association, helped operationalize the SAFE System, and C&H consults to the Association and its Members.

Churchill & Harriman and its employees are privileged to serve and contribute to several charities, including The Earth Institute, The Fallen Heroes Fund, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association, Plan International U.S.A., Special Operations Warrior Foundation and UNICEF.

Our Mission

“To be the trusted advisor who provides indispensable enterprise risk management and compliance solutions.”

Our Commitment

We take our commitments to our customers very seriously, and we have earned a reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations, for execution, and for keeping our commitments to our clients as a trusted partner and advisor.

We believe the foundation for all true business partnerships is “Trust.” We adhere to the following principles which guide the way we work, establish relationships, and serve our clients:

  • Commitment to Excellence through Employee Contribution and Teamwork
  • Integrity, Honesty, and Ethical Behavior
  • Fairness in Price
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Open-Mindedness
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement Focus