Risk Assessment


Year after year, beginning in 1998, Churchill & Harriman (C&H) has conducted thousands of risk assessments for global leaders including Fortune 50 corporations in the healthcare, financial services and additional top industries. C&H is privileged to contribute to members of The Financial Services Roundtable, the FS-ISAC, the NH-ISAC and PhRMA in the establishment and implementation of industry-wide risk assessment and management programs. Additionally, C&H earned the distinction of being the first approved ISO 27001 and BS 25999/ ISO 22301 Associate Consultancy by a leading global Registrar.

Churchill & Harriman’s risk assessment methodologies are employed at the appropriate level of granularity to help you manage both internal risk, and risk within your global supply chain/vendor base. Our validated and comprehensive approach, employing industry best practices, ensures our methodologies and techniques are consistently evolving to anticipate and comply with the evolving threat landscape, and global laws and regulations.

We can help you satisfy all of your internal and external risk assessment requirements. We work with customers to establish risk assessment criteria. We can schedule, conduct, and report on risk assessments within your internal operations, and, around the world for you. We work with you to establish reporting templates that are guidelines to address those specific legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements that are important to you. C&H’s solutions will also help you manage enforcement of your enterprise security policies in a consistent, repeatable, and efficient manner.

The most discerning organizations depend on C&H to satisfy their risk assessment requirements.
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