Vendor Management


Churchill & Harriman (C&H) understands that governance of your vendors is a critical issue. We help you meet legal, regulatory, and supply chain obligations, all while protecting your brand and optimizing costs. C&H has performed thousands of global vendor assessments, and we have been chosen by many of the world’s most recognized organizations to successfully manage all aspects of their global vendor management programs. Our expertise has allowed us to work on the most difficult issues facing our clients, including the resolution of legal and regulatory concerns and issues.

C&H works in partnership with our clients to develop or refine internal processes and criteria for assessing their vendors in the areas of risk, compliance, security and privacy. We have the expertise to help align with your internal departmental stakeholders and address individual business unit requirements within decentralized environments.

Vendor Management Services

  • Optimize “inward facing” and “outward facing” procurement and vendor management functions
  • Perform onsite and remote vendor visits with formal assessments and analysis for:
    • Risk management
    • Organizational security
    • Human resources security
    • Physical and environmental security, and access control
    • Information systems application
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Communications and operations management
  • Analyze results of the vendor assessments to identify specific risk mitigation recommendations
  • Provide formal reports and management presentations, addressing all assessment findings and recommendations
  • Develop and manage communications programs for your global vendor base, helping them meet your objectives and requisite requirements
  • Ongoing monitoring and re-assessment services

For more information on C&H’s Third Party Risk Governance and Assessments Program, please click here.