Business Continuity Management


In the event of a disaster, do you truly have a plan to restore and continue your company’s operations utilizing a remote workforce? A disaster could impact your employees, your customers, your supply chain, and your brand reputation.

Churchill & Harriman (C&H) has successfully served organizations including Fortune 1000 global corporations in the business continuity discipline since 1998. We offer field tested ISO 22301 end-to-end business continuity plans that we tailor for you. C&H works with your organization to develop a business continuity management plan, then tests your response to a disaster ahead of time. We employ a proven methodology to reduce vulnerability, protect mission critical operations, and ease recovery if catastrophe were to strike your business. Our team works hand-in-hand with your business to identify critical risks, understand your unique requirements, and define steps necessary to build a custom resiliency strategy that meets your organization’s specific needs.

C&H earned the distinction of being the first approved ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 Associate Consultancy by a leading global Certifying Body.

By adopting C&H’s framework, your business continuity management strategy will facilitate the resumption of key business functions, systems, and data, meeting your established recovery time objectives. The C&H framework for business continuity management includes:

Business Impact Analysis

Identifies your most critical business processes. C&H provides a list of strengths and weaknesses and their potential impact on your business.

Business Resumption Strategy - Including Ransomware Defense

Develops recovery strategies that address your vulnerabilities — including technical continuity and cyber resilience that directly help prevent vulnerability to ransomware attacks — and provides a milestone schedule for implementing a plan that protects your business.


Determines the usability of resources and locations, selects recovery team members, designs awareness and training programs, and recommends tools for automating your recovery management system.


Develops test strategies, plans, and schedules to substantiate the validity and integrity of your business continuity management and disaster recovery strategy. C&H will manage the defined testing program and implement necessary plan improvements.

Maintenance Strategy

Provides an effective method for continuous improvement of your plan and its recovery capabilities by creating strategies to amend the plan as needed.

Our results have been tested and implemented by Fortune 50 customers in the financial services and life sciences industries, satisfying regulatory requirements, and fiduciary and legal responsibilities.

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