And the Shared Assessments Awards Go to…


At this year’s Shared Assessments Summit Reception and Awards Ceremony, VIPs were recognized for their investment, time and effort in addressing and mitigating third party risk through the Shared Assessments Program.

“Shared Assessments would not be the organization it is today without our incredible membership and the leaders that provide their time and unyielding dedication,” said Catherine Allen, CEO and Chairman of The Santa Fe Group.

In just the past year, the program has grown significantly in scope and scale with almost 300 member companies across industries. Without the active participation and expertise of its members, Shared Assessments would not have the impact it now has on risk management, security, data breaches and the pivotal role of the CISO in the corporate boardroom.

The annual Lifetime Achievement Award is given to honor those who have made significant contributions and impact in the fields of information security , cybersecurity, risk management and third party risk. This year’s award went to Steve Katz, the first CISO in the financial services sector. Steve has been a pioneer in Information Security, but more importantly has focused on mentoring and developing others in the field

The Founder’s Award, which is given to a member for providing their unparalleled dedication and leadership to the program, was presented to Ken Peterson, Founder and CEO at Churchill & Harriman. Ken has been with Shared Assessments since its inception. He has served on both the Steering Committee and Advisory Board and was instrumental in coordinating the Shared Assessments/Churchill & Harriman Healthcare Forum in 2015.

The Shared Assessments Evangelist Award recognizes deeply involved and enthusiastic members for their tireless efforts in promoting Shared Assessments to partners, prospects, associates and colleagues. This year that prestigious award went to Angela Dogan, Ron Bradley, John Bree and Nasser Fattah.

  • Angela Dogan, Director of Vendor Risk & Compliance Services at Lynx Technology Partners, has been a vocal proponent and evangelist of Shared Assessments even before she became a member. As Chair of the Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) Committee, Angela has successfully pushed assessment firms to adopt and use the procedures.
  • Ron Bradley’s long history with Shared Assessments reaches back to the beginning of the program and his keen insights on the first Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire. A member of the Steering Committee with a strong background in banking, operational technology and consumer goods, Ron has steered the direction of the Consumer Goods Vertical Strategy Group and the SIG Committee.
  • John Bree, SVP and Partner of the Neo Group, leverages his global risk management experience to support and promote Shared Assessments across the board. As a member of the Steering Committee, he brings his financial industry expertise to the program through extensive committee work, presentations and research contributions.
  • Nasser Fattah, Managing Director at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, has been a longtime Shared Assessments and Steering Committee member. He has expanded his contribution this year by serving as Co-Chair of the Financial Institutions Vertical Strategy Group and volunteering as a guest speaker.

The Leadership in Education and Development (LEAD) Award recognizes a person making an ongoing commitment to third party risk training and development. The award went to Linnea Solem, CEO and Founder of the management consulting firm Solem Risk Partners. Linnea’s experience on the Advisory Board and Privacy Committee and depth of knowledge in governance, privacy, security and compliance has helped guide the policies of the Shared Assessments Education Program.

David O’Connor, Manager of Information Security at Iron Mountain, received the Innovator Award for his overall guidance and insight along with his vast experience responding to assessment requests. David has also provided critical input and feedback into the functionality of the SIG tool from the unique perspective of a service provider.

The Cornerstone Award recognizes lasting contributions to the Shared Assessments Program, and was given to Jonathan Dambrot, CEO, Co-Founder and Board Member of Prevalent. Jonathan has been a leader in third party risk for many years, lending his strategic vision to the program. He chaired the Steering Committee and has recently joined the Shared Assessments Advisory Board. Jonathan has also set up a scholarship program for cybersecurity.

This year’s MVP award was given to Bob Maley, CSO at NormShield and Co-Chair of the Continuous Monitoring Working Group. Bob is also a Steering Committee member and leads the Taxonomy Subcommittee which categorizes specific vulnerabilities and events that can be monitored by both solution providers and outsourcers.

Glen Sgambati, Customer & Industry Relations Executive of Early Warning, received the Steering Committee Chair Award after serving multiple terms. Glen has been an active member and participant of the Shared Assessments Program since its inception. Outside of his expertise in third party risk management, Glen is a leader in areas such as fraud, product management, crisis management, enterprise risk and relationship management and sales.

The following were recognized as Committee Chairs:

  • Brenda Ferraro, Senior Director of Networks, Prevalent, Inc.
  • Ron Bradley, Senior Manager, Information Security, Reynolds American, Inc.
  • John Bree, SVP & Partner, Neo Group, Inc.
  • Michelle Clement, Head ERM, Third Party Risk, BlackRock
  • Angela Dogan, Director of Vendor Risk & Compliance Services, Lynx Technology Partners
  • Nasser Fattah, Managing Director, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Dannielle Goulet, Director, Information Security, The Hartford
  • Priyanka Gram, VP Operational Risk, Neuberger Berman
  • John Ingold, VP, Head of Third Party Risk, T. Rowe Price
  • Emily Irving, VP, Third Party Risk, BlackRock
  • Brad Keller, SVP, The Santa Fe Group
  • Bob Maley, Chief Security Officer, NormShield Cybersecurity
  • Tony Manly, Director of Vendor Management, MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.
  • Tony Mastrolembo, Credit Risk Management Expert
  • Derek Morford, Business Information Security Officer, Allstate
  • Paul Poh, Managing Partner, Radical Security
  • Randy Sabbagh, Solutions Architect, Charles Schwab
  • Glen Sgambati, Customer & Industry Relations Executive, Early Warning
  • Linnea Solem, CEO & Founder, Solem Risk Partners, LLC
  • Caree Wagner, Managing Director, Corporate Operational Risk Management, BNY Mellon

Shared Assessments recently created the new Operational Technology Risk Management Working Group to be chaired by Mike Riecica, Project Leader at Rockwell Automation and Octavio Flores, Corporate Cyber Strategy and Information Security Director at Procter & Gamble.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in Committees as a part of membership, visit our Committees and Groups page.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Award winners.