The Princeton-based cybersecurity firm, Churchill & Harriman, Inc., serves clients in healthcare, life sciences, transportation, banking, financial services, and information technology, as well as serving regulatory agencies, industry governing bodies and public-private partnerships.

The company opened in 1986 under its founder and CEO, Ken Peterson.

“Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your business, your personal identity and your money from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying your sensitive information; extorting your money; or interrupting your normal business,” Peterson said.

Once he launched his firm, Peterson soon expanded his business eventually turning it into a globally recognized cybersecurity advisory and implementation firm.

“I founded the company in November of 1986 as an information technology staffing firm and worked from that focal point for several years, developing very trusting relationships with people and with our customers,” Peterson said. “Then those customers were kind enough to invite me into the consulting world in the mid-90s. From there, beginning in 1997, again by invitation, our customers honored us by inviting us to help them manage the risks that were introduced by Y2K and by the internet.”

What was a small base of operations in Princeton in the mid 1980s, now serves the world from its Princeton headquarters that also helps the U.S. Government.

“[Starting the company] gave me the opportunity to work from my own personal standards and treat people the way that I wanted to treat them by operating by the golden rule,” Peterson said. “Very humbly and very respectfully that has served our customers and me well through all these years. We are very grateful to make the contributions we do. I am surrounded by a truly great team here at Churchill & Harriman, and my team helps me deliver on our commitments.”

But Peterson has also made it a point to take care of his own in his home state of New Jersey.

“What has really made me happy as a native Garden Stater, is that we have been able to create a lot of jobs over the course of our time in business,” said Peterson. “For example, well over 50 Churchill & Harriman associates have contributed to the cybersecurity results we produce for our customers beginning in 2015. We have been privileged to serve some of the world’s most renowned corporations, regulatory bodies and industry governing bodies. We are very proud of all of these distinctions.”

Peterson has made sure that moving forward Churchill & Harriman can help all companies no matter what the size of the company is.

“We are very excited that moving forward, Churchill & Harriman is now able to help companies of any size across all industries, applying our own proven techniques and methods, leveraging the security lessons that we have learned in serving the largest entities in the world over the past 22 years,” he said.

From an internal standpoint, Churchill & Harriman also makes sure to take care of their own employees, while helping other companies take care of their own, too.

“As a citizen or as an employee of the company, companies do have an obligation to protect their employee’s personal information, their personal and corporate digital assets and we can help do that,” said Ed Beesley, Chief Operating Officer. “We have been applying our trade and serving the most discerning clients for over 22 years. We are very proud to live with the results that we live with every day and leverage those lessons learned for our clients benefit.”

Overall, Peterson gave the primary reason on why Churchill & Harriman has been in business for over 30 years.

“We are trusted. You want to work with a company that has a proven and successful track record. A company that you can put your trust in and that can help you effectively plan ahead,” he said.

Churchill & Harriman, Inc. is located at 239 Wall St., Princeton. For more information, email [email protected], call 609-921-3551, or visit